Code of Practice

New Zealand Marina Operators Association (NZMOA) Code of Practice.

All members of the New Zealand Marina Operators Association agree to be bound by the following Code of Practice:

1. Integrity and Reputation

To uphold the integrity of the NZMOA and conduct themselves in a professional manner, complying with all legal requirements at all times. To operate in a manner that will enhance and hold in good stead the reputation of the NZMOA and its members.

2. Highest Standard of Service

To render services of the highest standard and not to mislead or deceive a customer in relation to products and services offered. To be well informed regarding laws and public policy in all areas of operation.

3. Public Interest and Support

To advise the public at all times of their best interest. Observe proper standards of conduct and not to act in any way that would detrimentally affect or lose public support and confidence.

4. Environment

Conduct business in a manner conducive to protecting the environment in which the member and its customers operate.

5. Health and Safety

To provide a safe environment for all employees and visitors. To implement and maintain a Health and Safety programme and Emergency Procedure programme to ensure safety.

6. Pricing and Transactions

Conform to recognised industry practices in regards to all sales transactions and maintain consumer confidentiality at all times. To clearly set out in writing the price at which services will be supplied and to give a written copy to the consumer before undertaking a service.

7. Guarantees

To remedy promptly and equitably any genuine cause for dissatisfaction, honouring to the fullest, all guarantees or undertakings given as to quality and service.

8. Safe Handling

To ensure information is available to customers on safe handling and usage of products and services sold, drawing the customers attention to legal requirements of the industry.

9. Sales, Service and Security Staff

To ensure that all sales, service and security staff understand and are competent to implement the Code of Practice.

10. Complaints and Mediation Process

If any complaint is made to an NZMOA member, the member will attempt to resolve the complaint through direct discussion with the customer.

11. Standard NZMOA Forms

To endeavour to use all forms from time to time adopted by the NZMOA as applicable and acceptable to NZMOA members.