Member's Benefits


Every year the MOA executive arranges events and meetings so that members can network and discuss business. The InterMarinas MRX challenge forms a part of the social calendar.


NZ MOA undertakes a number of marketing initiatives to promote its membership. Marinas Guide; All full members are listed within the Marinas Guide Book. Website – All full members are given a complimentary listing on this marketing site. All corporates members have links to their own websites. This site is promoted to the public by additional printed or boat shows advertisements sending them to the site .

Members Website

NZ MOA will soon host a Members website: where members will be able to gain access to a myriad of information from members services to contact details for their member peers.

Boat Handling Course

NZ MOA has had Maritime New Zealand approve a boat handling course for Marina staff. The course targets those that do not have a skippers ticket or other commercial tickets. Once a Marina is an approved participant, they may use MOA's training framework to have Marina staff approved to use a Marina tender for Marina operations.

Further Education

Through our partnership with the Marina Industries Association of Australia we offer member rates for courses including: Introduction to Marinas, Intermediate Marina Management, Advanced Marina Management, Certified Marina Management, Boatyard Course, Marine Service Managers Course and a Straddle Lift Operators Course.

Third Party Insurance

This scheme allows members of NZ MOA to issue third party insurance across the counter to customers requiring third party cover. The cover is transferable between any NZ MOA member facility.

Clean Marinas

This ever evolving programme allows members to participate in an industry owned programme. It allows Marinas to review their systems and procedures to best recognise their environmental responsibilities.

Biennial Salary Survey

This independently run biennial survey looks at all roles within a standard Marina operation. The results are available to members to guide them with salary issues within their facility.

Press Clipping Service

The association clips articles from all national newspapers with any occurrence of the word "Marina". This service appeals to those members that wish to be kept up to date with Marina news from around the country.

Marine Industry Association and ICOMIA Membership

NZ MOA has a guaranteed position on the MIA Executive, which allows MOA to have a voice within the wider Marine Industry. All MOA members get complimentary listings on the MIA's website under "Marinas". This membership allows our association to participate in the worldwide Marinas Association.

Health and Safety Manual

This generic manual is available to all members. Once received members can customize it to suit their particular site. The association will continue to update it as required.