About Education

Open Forum

NZMOA Holds an Open Forum event every year, usually in the first quarter of the year. The event allows members to come together to discuss issus and topics that are relevant to them. Click here to Download the Event Booking Form.

Annual General Meeting and Conference

In September of each year NZMOA holds its annual meeting and conference. The meeting rotates around the country moving to a new region to see the latest developments and to hear from mangers and staff from the marina facilities in these regions. Asscoiate members are invited to the annual meeting and mnay take up the opportunity to sponsor the event, which provides them an opportunity to speak at the annual event.

Marinas 101

Students of the 'Introduction to Marina Management' course will come away with a keen insight into the complexities of operating marinas, and the resources and skills needed to successfully operate and work within them.

Who should attend?

This one-day course is designed for those who are contemplating or have recently commenced, a career in the marina industry and are seeking to broaden their understanding of marinas, meet and share ideas and learn the fundamentals of marina management and operations. This course will feature expert instruction by teaching professionals, Certified Marina Managers (CMMs) and other specialists in their fields.

Course Content

Overview of marinas, including day to day operations, marina terminology and procedures, marina maintenance, work safety, understanding the needs of the marina community; emergency procedures; customer service, and group problem solving are part of the course curriculum. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of this 1-day course.